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2nd Floor, Yash Arian, Swami Vivekanand Chawk,
Memnagar-Gurukul Road, Memnagar,

Ph. No.: 079 2746 5440

M.: +91 9925625440


E Mail:

TIMINGS: Open 365 days For booking, reservation  or inquiry call: The Manager: +91 99256 25440 We do not use any food colour or  Additives in preparations





How do I book the banquet for my occasion?

You can book the banquet by making an inquiryon phone or in person by visiting us and out of two banquets youcan book any based on your choice for the occasion by paying advance amount.

Can I have or design my own package and recipe of menu?

Yes, we havea multicuisine veg. only food set up and out fo the given menu card you can shuffle and add or substract dishes based on your choice and can design your menu.

What, if I cancel the booking?

All the booking once dates are blocked for you are done on non refundable basis. For special genuine reasons we allow cancellations at least before 45 days of the occasion.

Do you accept credit card ot debit card or other currencies?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and nearly all trusted modes of currencies like PAY TM or similar.

Do you use any food colours in your recipes?

No, we take utmost care in preparation of food recipes from ingredients to cooking & serving, we never use any food colours in any recipes or drinks.

Do you use any special safety aids in your premises?

Yes, we have all earth quake resistant structure & fire safety in the premises.

Do you offer spot decoration or any other servies?

No, we do not offer that, but in need we refer a list of some trusted suppliers with a sole purpose of helping our customer out.